NRAMM Releases Leginon and Appion version 3.4

Added by Anchi Cheng about 5 years ago

Leginon [1] and Appion [2] V3.4 release. Updates include support for TFS Falcon3 frame saving and handling and K3. The K2/K3 data collection and Appion frame transfer and frame alignment are now fully compatible with TIFF LZW compression. Evaluation of the improvement and calibration procedure for lens aberration correction of beam shift-image shift targeting are added. Minor features affecting the user have also been added.

More information regarding new user features in Leginon is here and same for Appion is here.

Leginon and Appion are open source software packages released under the Apache License, Version 2.0, and are available for download at: and Instructions are also available for upgrading existing installations of Leginon and Appion to the current 3.3 release.

If you download Leginon and/or Appion we strongly encourage you to register as a Leginon/Appion user at: This will allow us to keep you informed of new releases, bug fixes, and other useful information, and also allow us to keep track of the user base which is important to ensure future support of the software.