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  • Appion

    Appion is a pipeline for processing cryoEM data collected with Leginon.

    See Documentation under Wiki tab

  • Leginon

    Leginon is a system designed for automated collection of images from a transmission electron microscope.

  • NRAMM Discussion Forum

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  • OptiMod

    a general, automated procedure for reconstructing and optimizing 3D models using common-lines methodologies

  • Phoelix

    A software package for image processing of helical macromolecular complexes.

    phoelix-1.4.tgz - Update for SGI IRIX/MIPSpro environment
    phoelix-1.4.bin.tgz - Linux 64bits binaries ...

  • Suprim

    A flexible, modular software package intended primarily for the processing of transmission electron micrographs.

    suprim-5.7.tgz - Complete source code. Includes Tkir/Windex

    • tkImgDip

      libtkImgDip is an image extension to Tcl/Tk for displaying Suprim/MRC/Viewit images. It is required for the GUI component to Suprim.

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