Leginon Brainstorm

2010-09-22, Anchi, Jim

  • use redux in Leginon and elsewhere (MRC->display, 32bit -> 8bit)
  • nodes know their friends within application, auto linking of settings between nodes (reduce complexity and number of settings)
  • expand alignment manager node to new alignments: BT pivot points, stimators, etc., prioritized by what people usually forget to do
  • queue editor on web page (maybe in leginon too)
  • custom target finder API where user can create a simple python script to find targets on image, leginon creates GUI automatically
  • finish transform manager so it works with RCT, Tomography, etc.
  • RCT uses Target Repeater
  • finish pyscope remote to simplify networking within Leginon, reduce installation headaches
  • sinedon enhancements: more optimized for multiple inserts (particles), able to handle more complex queries that are preventing proper DB normalization

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