TiltPicker Installation

Installation steps:

  • Install python packages
  • Compile python modules
  • Run it

Install required python packages

The following python pacakges must be installed and working

Installing on popular distros


all 4 modules are available through yum

Optional: you will also need to install 'python-setuptools-devel' to compile the radermacher and numextension modules (detailed below)


all 4 modules are available through apt-get or synaptic


modules can be downloaded from,

MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger)

For a full unix experience, install either fink ( or macports (
Alternatively, you could install MacPython.

MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard)

wxPython and numpy are installed by default you just need to install PIL and scipy, see PIL & scipy websites (above) or fink/macports (above)

RHEL5 / CentOS 5

Compatible packages are available in Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL)

Download repository rpm and install

$ sudo rpm -Uvh`uname -i`/epel-release-5-3.noarch.rpm
$ sudo yum install -y wxPython numpy scipy python-imaging python-tools python-devel

Microsoft Windows

  1. Install the FULL edition of python(x,y):
  2. Expand tiltpicker.tgz (e.g. with 7zip)
  3. Start "IPython(wxPython)" interactive console by clicking on the GREEN "C:>" icon
  4. Change directory to the tiltpicker source
  5.  cd modules\radermacher 
  6.  python build -c mingw32 
  7.  copy build\lib.win32-2.5 ..\.. 
  8.  cd ..\.. 
  9. -l rawu049b.jpg -r rawu048b.jpg -t 50.0 

Thanks to Matthias Wolf for this.

Test to see if these modules work open a python shell

# python

and import the modules:

>>> import wx     #wxPython
>>> import Image  #python imaging
>>> import scipy
>>> import numpy

Compile or copy python module

A custom modules is optional for using tiltpicker and there are two ways you can use them
depending on whether or not you have root access. A slower python implementation of the algorithm
is provided for those who cannot get past this step

Compile and install globally with root access

cd tiltpicker/modules/radermacher
python build
sudo python install

Compile and install locally without root access

cd tiltpicker/modules/radermacher
python build
cp build/*/ ../..

after all is done, go to the tiltpicker directory and type:

# python

>>> import radermacher

and if nothing happens, it works

Run it

To get the help message for the function run:

./ --help

An example session it setup in the following shell files:


Still having problems or just want to chat, email me at: vossman77 (at)


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