User documentation

Appion wiki documentation snapshots

09/10/2012 10:12 AM

The Appion wiki exported to html.

Technical documentation

Myami code diagram

03/09/2010 12:40 AM

This diagram illustrates the major components of the myami code base.

Appion Software Components

05/03/2011 10:45 AM

A summary of NRAMM software, EM community software, optional commercial software and public domain software packages used by Appion.

Appion Function Table

05/03/2011 10:56 AM

A functional list of what Appion does, and what programs it uses.

Myami Deployment Diagram

05/03/2011 11:00 AM

A diagram of the Control Flow, Data Flow, and Deployment Nodes of Appion and Leginon.