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01:49 PM Appion 1.00 hour (Bug #3550 (Closed): CTFFIND failing for some micrographs)
Found a workaround Emily Greene
01:49 PM Appion Bug #3550 (Closed): CTFFIND failing for some micrographs
Changing the field size from 512 pixels (default) to 256 pixels is our workaround. We're not quite sure why, but it ... Emily Greene


08:10 PM Appion Bug #3688 (Closed): cl2d and virtual stacks
cl2d isn't running with a virtual stack when it's parent stack is also virtual (i.e. it's the second substack made fr... Emily Greene


02:07 PM Appion Bug #3571 (New): virtual stacks can't be used for xmipp projection matching in appion
During job preparation for xmipp projection matching, there was the following error (/data2/log-l/appion/15sep10a/rec... Emily Greene


01:36 PM Appion Bug #3550 (Closed): CTFFIND failing for some micrographs
CTFFIND and Ctftilt are failing for seemingly random micrographs in datasets with the following error:
Starting im...
Emily Greene


05:34 PM Appion Bug #2944: TiltAlign picker crashing
I ran the tilt picker successfully on that dataset today, thanks Anchi! Emily Greene


09:45 AM Appion Bug #2944 (Closed): TiltAlign picker crashing
Tiltpicker is crashing on a seemingly random image from my dataset (14oct05a). This is the second time this has happ... Emily Greene


09:21 PM Appion Bug #2880: cl2d jobs won't run
Hey everyone,
I finished my identical data15 and data21 runs on an experimental dataset, and things seem to have u...
Emily Greene


09:55 PM Appion Bug #2880: cl2d jobs won't run
I was waiting until Melody's test finished but now it is. I think we've figured out the problem-it started when we s... Emily Greene
04:05 PM Appion Bug #2880: cl2d jobs won't run
My test case was run on guppy, as Anchi requested since we have better control over it, and I am guessing that you ar... Emily Greene

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