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  • Institution: NYSBC
  • Software Key Date: 07/26/2016
  • Registered on: 03/10/2022
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Appion Manager 03/10/2022
Leginon Manager 03/10/2022
myami Developer, Reporter 03/10/2022



12:08 PM Leginon Bug #16176 (New): infinite recursion on Beam_Tilt_Image
I would like to report a bug in Leginon v18.2 with the node Beam_Tilt_Image. I have attached an image of when it work... cesar mena


12:03 PM Leginon Bug #16096 (Closed): falcon3 frames name does not match database
Tested successfully. cesar mena


03:06 PM Leginon Feature #16052 (New): optionally hide "-all microscopes" dropdown
if SHOW_ALL_MICROSCOPES_DROPDOWN is defined and set to false the "-all microscopes" dropdown will not be rendered. cesar mena


12:19 PM Leginon Feature #15719: Add ability to download image shifts as XML file
Update: no change was needed on our end for this feature. php zip support is standard on Debian.
Anchi, will you m...
cesar mena


01:49 PM Leginon Feature #14555 (New): initial refactor of myamiweb/in/
This refactoring is done with an eye to eventually allow reusability of connections.
connections always instantia...
cesar mena


06:03 PM Leginon Feature #14148 (In Test): leginon version
When leginon starts it prints a version number based on the current commit count. If a leginon:root/etc/git-version.... cesar mena


01:21 PM Appion Feature #13578: redux: configurable archive (webimg) loader
switched to absolute import. cesar mena


04:18 PM Appion Feature #13578 (In Code Review): redux: configurable archive (webimg) loader
cesar mena
03:15 PM Appion Feature #13578: redux: configurable archive (webimg) loader
Sure thing.
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 11:47
To: Bridget Ca...
cesar mena


02:36 PM Appion Feature #13581 (New): imarchive - an archival process based on the imcached logic
this is based on imcached logic with the following changes:
- uses imcacheconfig for redux settings
- uses genera...
cesar mena

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